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  1. Scalable Bitmaps

    about pixels and images, nice typeface too.

  2. Adactio: Journal—Fanfare for the common breakpoint

    Let's just say that the 'common' breakpoints don't exists...

  3. » Sensible jumps in responsive image file sizes Cloud Four Blog

    look at files sizes when you do responsive images, is it worth it...

  4. Responsive web design: the war has not yet been won » Blog » Elliot Jay Stocks

    Beware, not everybody is on the same page on Responsive Web Design.

  5. Zeldman

    that is an exciting and challenging time; that fixed width layouts do not address, and adaptive layouts (multiple fixed-width layouts set to common breakpoints) do not go far enough in addressing

  6. In praise of IE6

    And why we can never, ever, develop for one browser ever again. Diversity is life.

  7. Diversity is not a bug

    So can we please stop drooling every time Apple burps and start accepting that diversity is what we’ve got.

    Diversity is not a bug…it’s an opportunity.

  8. Pure CSS scrolling shadows with background-attachment: local | Lea Verou

    old but still great trick to style scrollable areas, using shadows that are only there when you need 'm.

  9. csscss by zmoazeni

    Check your css, sass or less files for duplicate code.

  10. » 8 Guidelines and 1 Rule for Responsive Images Cloud Four Blog

    More on responsive images, after all, the biggest part of a page is images, so the more love and care we give them...

  11. How we learned to leave default font-size alone and embrace the em | Filament Group, Inc., Boston, MA

    Good point about NOT changing the size of <em>

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