Linkbait 11-3-13

html5 links

I collected some nice links the past few weeks and would like to share 'm with you


  1. Can I use... Support tables for HTML5, CSS3, etc

    A great resource to see what you can or can't use in your project. With browser support, bugs, implementation details and much more.

  2. HTML5 forms input types | HTML5 Doctor

    About input types, read the rest of the site too.

  3. A Webpage from Nothing - Rik Schennink

    Start with the content, than typography and design after that...

  4. Five things you can do to make HTML5 perform better | Christian Heilmann

    Tips and tricks

  5. Shadow DOM 101 - HTML5 Rocks

    Web Components : webkitCreateShadowRoot

  6. What the Heck is Shadow DOM? « Dimitri Glazkov


  1. 2022, or when will HTML 5 be ready? | HTML5 Doctor
  2. 10 myths holding HTML5 back - thebeebs - Site Home - MSDN Blogs
  3. Understanding the myths about HTML5 - FierceDeveloper
  4. Cameron Laird - HTML5 or Native?
  5. Keith Dawson - HTML5 Myths
  6. The Five Key Myths About HTML5
  7. 7 HTML5 Facts & Myths plus Tips, Resources & More. | JUST™ Creative
  8. HTML5: The Facts And The Myths | Smashing Coding

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