The Challenges of Developing Offline Web Apps

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I just finished reading Toolness » Blog Archive » The Challenges of Developing Offline Web Apps (Via dailynerd.nl which you should all read, every day.) and in it are some things that I don't agree with. Let's go through them one by one, shall we?

  1. Statement : Problem One: Simple Things Aren’t Simple..

    So frigging what I say, who said that developing for different platforms should be easy?

  2. Statement : Problem Two: Your Development Workflow Is Now Broken.

    No, you have to adapt your workflow, period. Different platforms call for different workflows sometimes, deal with it.

  3. Statement : Problem Three: Your App Can’t Access The Network When Online.

    The solution is named in the article, what's the problem? Oke, it's something you have to know and remember, but again, who said thing should be easy?

  4. Statement : Problem Four: Cross-Browser Support Is Hard.


  5. Statement : Problem Five: There’s Not Much Tooling For This.

    That's right, we are at the beginning of an era where we develop for more platforms and the tools have to catch up.

My two cents

People, we are at a great point in time here. We can make history as we expand beyond the desktop. Yes, there are problems with tooling and support, but there are also new thing to learn each and every day. You can make a name for yourself right now if you work hard and discover something new.

We can complain about it, that it's hard and stuff, but why should we do that. It being hard only makes it more fun in my opinion. We have a very active and social front end community in the world, so use that and have fun.

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