HTML5 safe usage 1


This is the first in a serie of posts about html5, sharing the various things I learned the last few weeks.

The last few weeks I have been doing quit some research on html5 and the various new input types. All this out of sheer curiosity and for a presentation I held just yesterday at iprofs for Fronteers. I started with the full intention of holding a enthusiastic speech on how wonderful everything was and that the future is now.

Sadly my story was not so positive as I had hoped, although I hope that I didn't scare people away from html5, as I truly believe that is something you can use now. Maybe only a sub set if your audience still uses IE6 and you don't want to be dependent on javascript. Let me just show you some ways to savely use html5 now.

Layout elements

Older browsers don't support the new layout elements and are not able to style them, you could use javascript to help them. Or you could fake the semantics by using classes and div's. So instead of using :

<article>Some content</article>

You could use:

<div class="article">Some content</div>

And have your cake and eat it too, as in: Support older browsers and use the proper semantics that html5 bring you. You could use this same technique for the various other html5 layout elements.

And maybe there comes a time that everybody supports html5 and you can than search and replace the various elements and finally be one of the cool kids.

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