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A must read by Christian Heilman

The only way that I can see how responses like the one from the UK government can be prevented in the future is by shifting our focus:

  • Instead of design prototypes and made-up web sites to show a certain technique let’s demand real production case studies and their effects (I remember one @media where the redesign of blogger was shown and how much traffic shifting to CSS saved the company – more of that, please).
  • Ask Microsoft to invite experts, host videos and tutorials of experts with modern solutions and distribute them on their network of clients
  • Make a massive comparison of government web sites and praise what some have done well (nothing works better than competitiveness)
  • Collect success stories of switching to open source solutions and how it saved money and time
  • Take a horrible IE6 only solution and show what it could look and work like if HTML5 and CSS3 were supported
  • Stop plotting shiny pixels on canvas elements and call it a cool HTML5 solution and instead build a complex online form or spreadsheet system using all of the goodies of HTML5
  • Stop applauding people for redesigns of their blog and instead shift people into the limelight who made a difference in an environment like large financial systems or local government

Read the full article here.

This could very well be the subject of my talk at the next fronteers meeting at Iprofs...

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