Making an iPad HTML5 App & making it really fast


Now this is really good for us real web craftsman and women. Real knowledge of your field once again proves itself against frameworks. How much I loved the demos of jQtouch at last weeks @media ( or #wdx as it is called now ), I still think that using a library or a framework isn't the thing to do for speed. So Ipad and Iphone development will create a new demand for good old hand coders.

"Don’t rely on frameworks or what standards zealots tell you. In our case, a highly trimmed HTML page, with inline CSS, just some pure JavaScript without a framework and using the capabilities of the target platform (iPad) as much as possible allows for a lean page that loads almost instantly, caches well and works great offline. Yes, we could have used JavaScript and CSS frameworks, but sometimes less is more (and remember, you don’t need all the cross-browser heavy lifting that frameworks do for you)."

(Via Thomas Fuchs.)

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