Opera mini on the iphone

iphone opera

After a long wait, it's finally being released into the app store. Opera mini brings many things to the iphone:.tabbed browsing on opera

But the most important thing it brings to the iphone is choice. We can now choose to use either safari and webkit. This in turn will turn up the heat for on one hand the webkit developers, as Opera will be challenging them as they are doing on the desktop. On the other hand, it's a challenge for us lazy web developers who were developing for mobile safari alone. We now have a different browser to deal with.

So the real winners are the users, who now will encounter websites that are being made not only for mobile webkit, but for multiple browsers. Thus making sure the web moves forward...

If you want to see what opera is capable of, see it's Standards support chart. If you're wondering why the rendering is a tad different, look at this.

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