8 things I like about my job


As it's friday and I am in a particular good mood, I present to you 8 things I like about my job, in no particular order.

  1. writing javascript

    since starting with it slowly and kinda afraid, I now write javascript for 60% of my time and loving every minute of it. Most of the tedious task are being handled by jQuery, leaving me to concentrate on the fun stuff.

    After starting with purely functional stuff with lots of global variables and even the occasional eval, I lately benefit greatly from the work of all of the great people who share their knowledge. Through them I am now a better developer, who knows about event delegation, lazy loading, jiti and curry.

  2. Setting up html

    it doesn't take up as much time, but is way more important and interesting to me. Just plain thinking about what kinda html structure fits the information is the best part for me. Because, even it is not considered hard, the benefit of a good html structure goes a long way...

  3. The people

    my job has me going to several clients and working with some very smart and nice people. The interaction with these people gives me more than I put in it and teach me a lot of things about life.

  4. The learning curve

    to me the job of a web developer is about learning new stuff every day. To some people it seems awful, to work in a field where you have to cope with an ever changing world every day. To me it is bliss, almost every day new puzzles arise to be solved.

  5. Internet Explorer

    Yes, I even like dealing with IE6 every day. In the way that you deal a retarded cousin, you know about his fault but as he is part of the family you just deal with them. And after all those years, who can not smile once in a while when adding display:inline; to a float..

  6. Good browsers

    Safari, Firefox and Opera are evolving at such a rate that it makes the work even more exciting. Almost none of the new stuff is available for all browsers ( see the point about IE ), but as we code sensible we can use them now and give other browers (cough IE) a good experience.

  7. HTML5

    The world is changing and in my opinion for the better, HTML5 although still evolving is shaping up to be a wonderful platform for us to build sites and applications.

  8. Freedom

    Ever since switching back to being my own boss, I enjoy every minute of it. I get to choose my own clients and decide what I work on, for who, where and when.

With my point being made, I now want to know what you love about your work...

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