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After years of domination, finally IE's share is starting to slide down to a respectable level. Web developers rejoice! Go and read for your self here:

Internet Explorer's progressive slide continues: Microsoft's browser is down to 66.10 percent from 73.01 percent a year ago. Half of that loss has been taken up by Firefox (up from 19.03 to 22.48 percent), with Safari also benefiting (up from 6.31 to 8.21 percent).

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And as for mobile, it seems even better for us:

If the breakdown is restricted to mobile platforms, the shares are (to the nearest whole number) iPhone/iPod touch 65 percent, Android 9 percent, Java ME 8 percent, Symbian 7 percent, Windows Mobile 6 percent, BlackBerry 3 percent, others 2 percent.

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But as a word of warning, this may look good. But in my opinion we still have to cater some content to IE6 users, as each user is as important as the others. It just mean that we will have to jump through less hoops, as hopefully customers will be using a better browser than IE6.

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