Textmate plugins


<p>In my work I use <a href="https://macromates.com/">textmate</a>, the mac only editor from macromates. It comes with the abilities for macro's and plugins, some of them are in my opinion very usefull for a web developer.</p><h4>CSS</h4><p>For <strong>CSS</strong> I absolutely love this one <a href="https://superfluousbanter.org/archives/2008/08/regex-patterns-for-single-line-css/">Format CSS single-line</a>. With this you can format your CSS in the way you prefer, simply by pressing <em>ctrl-q</em>.</p><p><img src="images/format-css.png" alt=""></p><p>You choose either <strong>1</strong> or <strong>2</strong>, where the latter is the single-line option you should go with when you publish stuff.</p><h4>JavaScript</h4><p>Another one is for writing javascript, the one thing that makes it usefull to me is that it runs jslint on my js as I save. That sort of thing keeps me sharp and makes me put <strong>;</strong> in all of the right places. It warns you, nice and unobtrusively, of any warning or errors as you save. And you can call it before that to get a nice window, where you can click right through to the line where the error is.</p><p><img src="images/bundle-validate.png" alt="validate"></p><p>It also compresses your JavaScript files in two ways, minifying or obfuscating it. You can get it here: <a href="https://github.com/subtleGradient/javascript-tools.tmbundle/downloads">Javascript tools</a>.</p>

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