@media 2009 and other conferences


This year I will be attending some conferences, here is my list of the ones I will be going to.

@media 2009

In a few months I will be attending my 6th (sixth) @media conference. This time I booked a room in the hotel which is the closest to the venue, the Premier Inn London County Hall. No more wandering around london in the rain, as I did after a few pints at the first @media ajax november 2008. No more standing in cramped underground trains as I did at my last company sponsered visit in spring 2008.@media 2009

I am looking forward to seeing all of the speakers, especially the ones I haven't seen like Simon Collison and Jason Santa Maria. I'm curious on the one track arrangement, as I always had a love hate relation with the two track thing. Two of my favorite speakers would always be on the same time in a different room. I am not sure that I like the whole no-lunch thing, but I understand that the guys from vivabit had to do something to keep is affordable in these times.

Still the cost of a conference to me is not the ticket alone, I have to fly over and get a hotel for a couple of nights. So the cost of the ticket is only 40% of the whole, less so if you reckon that I won't be billing clients for three days. But the real value is off-course in the speakers and speaking to lots of fellow web developers from all over europe and to that I am really looking forward to.


The other conference I am going to attend is Fronteers 2009. Not that I have much of a choice as I have been drafted by PPK to help organizing the whole thing. One of the advantages is that I already know which speakers we have lined up. All I can say at this point is that you really, really have to attend this one..


Full frontal

The third one I may attend is Full frontal as the speakers line up sure looks impressive for a day which costs only 100 pounds. I am not sure about this as it comes awfully close after fronteers and I may have some work to do sometime. On the other hand this could be my replacement for my yearly javascript conference fix that @media Ajax provided...

So if you are attending any of these, have fun and I will see you there.

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