IE 8 meta tag or bad browsers

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After reading that one of my biggest customers is on the Microsoft’s IE 8 incompatibility list, I decided that we will add this to the next release of the website...

<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=8" />

IE 8 will then render the page within some form of IE8 compliant mode. Although I do not support the decision that the IE team made, I decided that my users don't need to suffer from my frustrations. So I go with the flow, not against it. We will still support IE 6 and even 5 for that matter, no matter how I feel about it. After all it is still about the user, not about the developer.

So the whole discussion (fronteers, quirksmode) wether or not we should give IE (insert version here) the boot, is irrelevant from my point of view. A browser is a way the user can see the content we serve and it is not up to us to decide what he/she uses to see it. Sure, we can build stuff way easier by excluding bad browsers, but if you can't support ie6 as a web developer....

I say, let's not worry about bad browsers and just use progressive enhancement to give better browser a better experience. IE 6 (or what ever version) will die out eventually. We know how to deal with it's quirks now, after all it has been almost 8 years, so stop whining and go on.

And yes, I have said something about it earlier, in case you wondered.

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