Speaking at Fronteers 2008


I am very proud to announce that I got my very first speaking spot on a conference. I will be participating in the panel on the Professionalism secondary session with Chris Mills. I am looking forward to this as much as I am nervous.

I have yet to work on my slides, but will be talking about the certification work we have done with fronteers. And about what I do in daily life to get developers on the same line, concerning web standards and best practices.

Chris will (propably) be talking about the work done at opera on the Web Standards Curriculum.

As this is an q and a session, presentations will be short so their will be plenty room for questions and or suggestions. So if you have any of those, please come and help us out. After all, the work we do is for the whole community and we need your input.

Watch this site as I will put up the questions of the first test exam before the conference, so I can get some valuable feedback.

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