@media 2008


After long consideration, about 5 minutes that is, I booked for @media 2008, I even got the super early bird discount. After being there for 3 times, including last November's @media ajax, I look forward to attending my 4th @media in a row.


It promises the same conflict the other two (normal) @media's had, two tracks presenting you with the choice which one you will follow. Often the two are equally interesting and offer something for everyone.

I do hope though that the presentations will be more challenging than last years, I had a blast but didn't learn all that much that summer. No offence to the fine people from vivabit though, more a confirmation that I am on the right track maybe...

@media ajax was different though, a very focused two days which left me with my head spinning at times and not just from the beer. The presentations there varied from extremely challenging (Brendan Eich) to hilarious (Stuart Langridge).

Enough said, hope to see you all there, maybe for a few Fronteers beers....

Update, flight and hotel booked. more than 3 months in advance, a record for me...

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