Questions, questions...

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The commissie Diplomering of the dutch fronteers has been busy. We have met a number of times and came up with a plan how to determine the knowledge level of a front end developer. Before we are going to start, we have to gather as much questions as possible.

One of the things that we are going to test is the knowledge of the specs. In order to do that properly, we need your help...

In our wonderful world of web desgn, there are 3,647 ways to accomplish the game goal. Approximately.

Dan Cederholm

As we all know there a multiple solutions to each problem, what we need are questions that we can test. Something that you can look up in the specs.

So please add a question in the comment here or on the (dutch) fronteers site.
If you have any questions, you can contact me or, talk to me at the next fronteers meeting.

This post previously appeared on the fronteers website in dutch

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