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Responsive web design is dead, or it should be.

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Responsive web design is dead, long live Responsive web design. Or long live adaptive, reactive or pre emptive for all that I care web design.We have been talking about Responsive web design for quite some years now. It has been the article of Ethan Marcotte on Alistapart that got us all started and we have been …

Linkbait 20-3-13

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Will give some explanation with these links later today...

Linkbait 18-3-13

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Today's links focus on browsers.

A sad day - Opera will support -webkit prefixes

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Today something which I consider sad happened, Opera announced that it will be supporting some -webkit prefixes. (netmagazine.com) They do so, because:

Making an iPad HTML5 App & making it really fast

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Now this is really good for us real web craftsman and women. Real knowledge of your field once again proves itself against frameworks. How much I loved the demos of jQtouch at last weeks @media ( or #wdx as it is called now ), I still think that using a library or a framework isn't the …