• Dave Shea
  • Roger Johanson
  • Rachel Andrews

first of the speakers are introduced. (You can find more info about them on google.) They start with tips about how to start, a equalizing stylesheet is mentioned. Which is a good thing, you first create a level playing field by removing all of the browser styling. Then you pick either a template or a framework. And start with your content.

The speakers are not on the same line with multiple css files, all I can say is my personal opinion. If you have several 1000’s lines of code you have to split up your files, in a common way. By making a base.css, a layout.css and several files for large sections of the site or application. An extra to it is that is a more easy way to remove legacy code.

They also provide some usefull tips about commenting. Such as comment (in xhtml) your closing div, and begin your comment with a common character, like = comment. That makes searching easier. The most important thing they said and what everyone knows is COMMENT a lot and good. After 6 months you cannot remember why you did certain things.

After that they tackle naming conventions and code order only to arrive at one conclusion. You have to be consistent…