As I have just upgraded my blog from wordpress to habari, I am now faced with a really nice gray skin called ‘charcoal’. If you know me, you must know that this out of the box style is not my thing. So I am going for a redesign and will build a new theme as I am at it. The redesign will NOT be visible on this page, but you can follow it on

This is a clone of this site, as it uses the same database and stuff. In doing this I can work with real data, no lorum ipsum for me please and I won’t bother you, the reader, with unnecessary breakage and stuff.

Be warned that I will not try to make the site look the same in every browser, in the end a user with ie6 or below should be able to read everything. But the really nice things will be done with css3 selectors and so on.

I short I will be pulling an andy on you. I will not be slowed down by the lowest common denominator. So for now peek behind the vail and please comment if you see anything you like…