got some inspiration today, so I whipped up a new style. Let me know what you think of it… It has been tested (and looks ok, the same and stuff) in

  • safari 2
  • webkit (safari nightly build)
  • firefox 1.5 (os x and win 2k)
  • opera 9
  • ie 5.2
  • netscape 7.2
  • camino 1.01
  • ie 6.0 (win2k)

all on mac os x 10.4.6 and win 2k. So far looking good, I will be seeing it on a windows machine tommorow morning, looking forward to it. also on windows 2000 with both ie6 and firefox 1.5. The links in the header don’t have the right border at the bottom in ie, but I will fix that eventually.. (update - nope, don’t want to fix that…)