Using an Enterprise Ajax framework with Adobe Air (Sergey Ilinsky)

Come see the demonstration of a sample application using the Backbase Enterprise Ajax framework in combination with Adobe Air. Learn the lessons, issues and best practices developed from integrating Enterprise Ajax applications with Adobe Air.

This one I skipped, sorry Sergey, as I don't see the need for a large framework like Backbase (or dojo for that matter) to use with air.

HTML / JavaScript desktop applications on Adobe AIR. (Chris Brichford)

Learn how add desktop functionality to an HTML application running on Adobe AIR on the desktop. Learn about using the drag and drop API, the file system API, and other Adobe AIR APIs from HTML.

Another mac, the only presenter without one I walked out. Chris talks more about the security sandbox aspects of air. They build two sandboxes that have different priveleges and that can talk to each other, to do this they use iframes.

He shows a nice demo in html and how to enhance it with air. Adding state and stuff like an application menu and how to do that cross platform.

He also stresses to close your connection after you are done with that. I wonder if that is what causes the memory leak of air?

Chris had a nice talk but the overall impression still stands, nothing to hardcore today and all of the stuff is available online...

Using JavaScript Frameworks in AIR Applications (Andre Charland)

Learn how to leverage JavaScript libraries and Frameworks to build HTML and JavaScript-based AIR applications.

Author of enterprise ajax, blogger on inside ria and entrepreneur.

He talks about frameworks that work with air, not all of them work well so be warned. Air's strong point is that it works across platforms and it uses html, so that the ui is consistent in air and html parts of the app. You can use javascript to further enhance this experience, by using the same shortcuts for instance.

He shows us snitter as a demo and a more serious application called salesforce, that syncs data online and offline for instance and shows you your network status.

He is working on sh.air, a really cool file manager which lets you sync all kind of files across multiple computers (maybe users too). One thing that bugs me, but is his good right, is that his products are not open source but closed and you have to pay for that. Maybe strange but I expect javascript stuff to be free, maybe it is just me being dutch...

He has a ton of stuff online

AIR Conditioning (Lee Brimelow)

Join Lee Brimelow as he shares his experiences developing a wide range of AIR projects, from simple widgets to larger applications that enable users to interact with software on a more intimate level on the desktop. Lots of prototypes and code will be shown to help get you up to speed with AIR development.

He writes on two websites doing video tutorials and the flash blog, the slides are on the second one.