this is a quick write up of the first part of the onair tour, I will clean this up later…

keynote Ryan stewart

Ryan Stewart, a Platform Evangelist at Adobe, provides an introduction to Adobe AIR and how it fits into the Adobe technology platform, and the larger RIA landscape.

marketing talk, adobe rules and stuff

focuses on the cross platform strength of air talks about ‘cocomo’ and ‘pacifica’ server side stuff. nice, but still closed source… air wants to bring the web developers to the desktop, by bringing the good parts of the web there.

shows a air app called uvlayer. Looks nice but still too much eye candy to me. google analytics app is cool, adds animation in a nice unobtrusive way… uses flash with html on one screen. pdf is used well, to render a print view. mapcache is a cool app

why ria on the desktop? branding, extended functionality. data access. you can use the flash player to access the same information on different platforms (web mobile desktop wii).

how using existing tools like textmate or aptana.

new 1.1 more languages post 1.1 three platforms the same… max 2008 dec 1-4 2008 milan italy

Building your first Adobe AIR application with Adobe Flex (Mike Chambers)

Learn how to setup your development environment and build your first AIR application using Flex 3 and Flex Builder 3.

flexbuilder based on eclipse

configuration in xml looks easy.

flex looks nasty, absolute positioning and stuff

good warning on certification, get a good one if you go commercial

Building your first AIR application with HTML and JavaScript (Kevin Hoyt)

After this session you will know how to setup the Adobe AIR SDK to allow you to develop and package AIR applications from the command line. You will also be able to leverage the Adobe AIR command line tools to enable development of HTML and JavaScript based applications. Finally, the session will demonstrate built in support for AIR development from Adobe Dreamweaver and the Eclipse based Aptana.

shows how to build air apps with textmate and terminal. explains how app development is different than web development. app development has many things in common with java development

application sandbox? javascript is more insecure on the desktop, there is where the sandbox comes in. script injection and eval should be in the non-application sandbox and the application sandbox has the more advanced air js stuff. html rules

Leveraging HTML and JavaScript within Adobe AIR (Kevin Hoyt)

Gain a better understanding of the HTML and JavaScript environments within Adobe AIR, and explore how these technologies can be leveraged in both Flash / Flex and HTML / JavaScript-based applications. JavaScript and ActionScript script bridging will be covered, as well as how to use AIR, Flash Player and ActionScript Library APIs directly from JavaScript.

even flex developers have the java bug, putting presentation in the structure, boe.. maybe it is for demo purposes, but the stupid thing is that tons of people will copy/paste this. so that is why it is important to build your demo’s as clean as possible.

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