Here are some random lines I decided to be the most striking ones.

  • Overall, it's just a deeply, deeply frustrating and inconsistent experience.
  • .. and the phone only updates every 15 non-user-adjustable minutes. Sometimes less!
  • No app store, no IM client, no games, no calendar... not even visual voicemail or some carrier-hitched GPS app.
  • While using the One and Two we found ourselves consistently confused or surprised by how many bad little interface problems there
  • We'll chalk the better performance up to that heavily controlled sync schedule (once every 15 minutes at the most).
  • If you're going to shell out this kind of money each month, it would be foolish to even consider these devices given the much, much better options out there.
  • In the end, we're left with two orphan devices
  • On the One, it's usually good for taking a picture after a firm press, but sometimes there's no reaction at all, while on the Two, it tends to focus in and out and then never snap a photo.

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