Trying out mars edit, after reading about it on daring fireball:

Major update to Red Sweater Software’s excellent desktop weblog editor. Performance, compatibility, the user interface — I don’t think there’s any aspect of MarsEdit 2 that hasn’t been improved from version 1. Plus there are new features like Flickr integration. I’ve been using the 2.0 betas to write Daring Fireball for months.

I must say, that the interface, while it takes some getting used to, is better than the wordpress one, that I have been using for a couple of years now. That one has the quality of something that you have been using for a long time, you forget the quirks or have your own workarounds. Meaning, that after a while, you don't notice the bad things anymore, you just get used to them.

MarsEdit: Powerful Blog Authoring Made Simple.

But, as some of you may know, I read a great tale about the difference in user interfaces a long time ago and it also applies to blogging.

Picture 1.png

To counter that, MarsEdit's interface is a bit more simple, no toolbar for formating on the top for one. To me this is good, I like to add a strong tag myself when I feel like it and the wp interface would try and screw it up...

Furthermore, I think that this is a far better tool to write with in the train, something that I will be doing more in the future. This is part of my Grand master plan to make WNAS a even better place to go and read up on web dev stuff.

Picture 2.png<p>As you can see MarsEdit has the interface that I like, simple and unobtrusive. But, it doesn’t stop there, there is an image upload utility that rocks. This also has flickr integration, something that will definitely enhance my posts, as adding images is just made easy.</p><p>End conclusion, this is one to keep…</p>