Recently I got into a discussion with a few of my co-workers about the fact that users should have enabled Javascript in their browsers.

Everyone has it was the remark.

The site should work without it said the client

As a ui consultant I tended to agree with the client, (who is always right). We are building something that is a public service and should be available to everyone on any platform and so on. So no js should work also.

I found an interesting article with some numbers about how many have actualy disabled javascript. Shocking if you think how many users we are excluding right now.

Thankfully their are plenty of resources out there about how to build a site that uses unobtrusive javascript. Even people how go to the trouble to let Ajax work without javascript and teach you several ways to validate forms. Documentation for prototype, one of THE ajax libraries. Here is a good starting point about Unobtrusive Javascript.
A page about gracefull degradation of prototype and behaviour. I will try to extend this post with links about good uses of javascript in a page (or application).

PS - I just discovered this site but it allready taught me a lot.