We will have another meeting of the happy clogs, in the King arthur cafe in Utrecht. See for more information this page. I wonder what comes out of this one, as a whole lot of discussion happened lately on the mailing list. The group (if there is such a thing) doesn’t agree on what we are exactly. Do we act to change the attitude on webstandards in the netherlands or do we drink beer and talk about our work. I for one hope that whatever we do, it always includes beer drinking :). More serious here, I think that we as a group have not the influence to actively change things in the Netherlands. What we can do is start (or continue) a grass root revolution, that influences people from the bottom up. In my 10+ years of webdevelopment I have had one manager that supported me in my work. All of the changes that I have been able to make, have been made with support of the common developers. And that change includes some real things as the entire dutch police developing applications based on valid html, css and unobtrusive javascript. So don’t think that you need to change things from the top down only. Start by showing people what can be done with proper seperation of markup, presentation and behaviour and some (not all) will follow and become fellow standardistas who will continue to support our cause. I think that this will cause the whole standards movement to gain momentum slowly, but surely.

Maybe it is an idea to form a standardista samurai, like the css one of ‘old’. Take a big site, some happy clogs, pizza, beer and convert it to proper code and improve the usability while we are at it.

Any takers?