17-inch MacBook Pro

Apple - MacBook Pro

After a mere 5+ weeks wait, I am finally typing on my brand new macbook pro 17 inch. I am pleased to say, that I have not discovered any dead pixel or other flow. The one thing is that there a small space visible when the screen is ‘closed’. But is so small that it took me two days to notice.

In short, the thing is frigging brilliant, the screen that is. Applications that took forever on my old (only two years) powerbook g4 to launch, are now open in a jiffy. Graphics seem so much better, in that way the new video configuration seems to work for me. I can open as much as I like and still work fast in eclipse, to do java stuff. That with 6 different browsers, aptana and photo shop open is pretty good.

The only thing I gotta test is windows, if I have that I will not need any pc’s anymore. As I can test all my stuff on my on mac …

I will let you know how that works out…

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