I'm in the process of founding a Dutch Guild of Front-End programmers. This entry is a national call to action Peter-Paul Koch

Peter-Paul Koch has started a great thing. A guild for front enders in the netherlands, a way to try and put us on the map as a real discipline.

After years of working in the field as a professional front-ender, he got tired of telling people that it is a real job. Not just something that you can do on the side, something that I have been saying (together with a lot of people) for years. Up to this day, front end is often done by the graphic designer or java developer. The guild is a try to put our job on the map.

We already have over 50 members and are growing fast, now that we agreed to 'come out'. You can read the (dutch) announcement here, or you can sign up for the annoucement list. At the official page you can read about what we have done (I only went to the last meeting at <a href='http://www.flickr.com/photos/tomgreuter/sets/72157600546024410/" title="see tom's foto's">info.nl</a>) and what we are going to do and talk about.

Last but not least, it is a great way to set the dutch webrichtlijnen on the map.

Tell me what your opinion of this news is… And to no suprise, I counted a couple of happycloggers at that meeting…