Finally the website of fronteers is live. Go and check it out...

fronteers logo

In this organisation I play a modest part as the chairman of the 'diplomerings commissie', so please check it out and join us...

The one thing that I miss in the site (at first glance) is microformats, so I took the liberty to take this

	Postbus 10458
	1001 EL Amsterdam

And add a little microformats sauce, to get this...

<p class="vcard" id="vcard-fronteers">
  <span class="fn org">Fronteers</span>
  <span class=" class="adr work">
    <span class="post-of?ce-box">Postbus 10458</span>
    <span class="postal-code">1001 EL</span>
    <span class="locality">Amsterdam</span>

The main advantage is that it makes the same data more useful, as you can easily export it to your address book. This with a simple link to the technorati page, where the transformation occurs, like this

Fronteers Postbus 10458
1001 EL Amsterdam

Add to adress book

In time I will write my own xslt transformation, so watch out for that.. And clean up that awfull onclick=' bad javascript fu '. I know I am guilty of mixing the unmixable, but hey I try to have a live beside work...

Onclick is no more, the functionality is now handled by referring to another url on the microformats website, this I found at Sven Fuch's website, thank you sven.

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