For a while now I have been posting a bit less than usual, sorry for that. I just managed to escape the ‘clutches’ of my last client. After 3 years working for the dutch police it department, it was time for a change. And some change this is. After years of doing work behind the scenes, I now have a chance to do some really public work. I am currently working for the ANWB and will gradually bring them in the modern standards based work. This is quite a job as their site has close to 10.000 pages, all of which will be influenced by what I do. What is even more challenging is that this is not a simple website, but it has dozens of applications running in it. All of this was being build by LL, who is going of to do nicer things. His shoes I have to fill, by trying to revamp things while not breaking anything. That I hope to do by testing, for which I have a nice setup here. My most recent javascript thingy I tested in: Windows
ie7, ie6, ie 5.5, ie 5, firefox2, firefox1.5 and opera 9 Mac
safari 2, safari 1.3, firefox 2, firefox 1.5, camino 1.03, opera 9, opera 8 and (drumrolls) Ie 5.2 linux (ubuntu)firefox 2 If that doesn’t cut it, I do not know. Now I only have to install lynx on a couple of machines and I am good to go.

And I hope to devote some more time to my blog, so ya all come back soon.