As I may or may not have told you, I love jQuery for its simple syntax. Not that is suitable to replace common (heavy) tasks as striping big tables, because of the speed difference. I mean, dom scripting is still way faster than (to my knowledge) any library. But it’s simple syntax makes it suitable to let non javascript people use it. As I am leaving a project half way, I have a lot of loose ends. But jQeury lets me leave people with some good building blocks to finish the work. In this project I employ all the possibilities of css, including Adjacent Sibling Selectors even though they don’t work in IE. Here is where jQuery comes to the rescue, with one simple line of code we make IE behave $("#a + b").addClass("foo"); This is where jQuery shines, it let’s people just do stuff. However, it is still a bit scary, putting guns in the hands of children. See this article by Peter-Paul Koch, where he collects and reviews quite a few good opinions.